AZCA Signs & Wraps is a nationwide leader in providing high quality vehicle wraps and graphics.  Our award winning team strives to deliver the finest quality along with the highest standards in mobile and outdoor advertising.  As a customer service based establishment,  AZCA Signs & Wraps passionately seeks to professionally promote our clients.  Our designers create innovative graphics that seize the eye of potential customers.  In addition, we at AZCA Signs & Wraps wrap all vehicles in 3M High Quality Control Tac with a matching Scotchcal® Laminate.  Furthermore, our wrap team performs quality installations, ensuring pristine care of your vehicle every step of the way.

[quote]What makes us different? We care about your ROI (Return on Investment). Our wraps are designed to work. We specifically create them to bring customers as well as purchases to your company.[/quote]


A business cannot fail when choosing to wrap a vehicle.  Vehicles with wrapped graphics come in contact with more people in a single day than a traditional billboard, and are more economical.  Just take a moment to compare prices for the following forms of advertising:

 Other Type of Advertising Average Cost Per Month to Advertise

  • Billboard $1000-$5000

  • Yellow Pages $500-$2500

  • Newspaper $500-$2000

While the pricing on a traditional billboard costs anywhere from $600-$2400 each month, a FULLY WRAPPED vehicle costs around $2800 to $3800 (depending on the vehicle) and can last anywhere from three to five years. 


There are so many other reasons to decide to wrap vehicles!  More than 95% of Americans are reached by media that is directed towards passengers and drivers; not to mention that the average American travels around 302 miles in the past seven days.  But the most important fact given comes from the Transportation Advertising Council.  They report that vehicle advertising generates between 30,000-70,000 impressions per day!

Statistics do not lie. Vehicle wraps not only make your company look professional, they generate revenue.  Why then, would you want to choose another form of advertising?  At AZCA Signs & Wraps, we want to wrap your vehicle.  As an international award winning company, we know we can create a graphic that will grab the attention of any and all people who come in contact with your vehicle.  We have a professional team that leads as one of the most experienced vehicle wrap companies nationwide and we always stand behind our work one hundred percent.  Choose AZCA Signs & Wraps for all your wrap needs;  Let US show you how  expertise and creativity can transform your business!

In the end, your vehicle wrap will pay for itself through the impressions it makes on anyone who comes in contact with it.  Our customer testimonials speak for themselves.  Feel free to stop into our office and see for yourself! When choosing a company to wrap your vehicle, the choice is clear.  AZCA Signs & Wraps creates an unsurpassed, high quality wrap every time you need it.  We listen to our  customers,  we stand behind our work, and we make sure to deliver only the finest quality  products to you.

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